My racing experience in Levi began 6 years ago. Then I started my first ever EC race. I finsihed the first run of the first race 31st. I missed 30th by 0.05 of a second and a chance to open the second run. It would have been very important to me. I would have secured some EC points and a chance to improve my start number greatly for the next EC races. Probably it would have accelerated my rank improvement. I lost then but I didn’t give up. 5 years later I am slalom overall EC champion with 4 wins and 10 podiums on EC races.

         After the World Cup race in Kranjska Gora we went to Jenner, to have couple of training days on the race hill, where the next European Cup race will be held. My back is better and I don't feel pain anymore. We had good week of training and I am ready for the last two European Cup races this season.

         We had minor back problems before the race in Kranjska Gora that forced us to take extra rest and miss some slalom trainings but what I missed in training maybe I gained in freshness. We didn’t train as much as we had hoped for but I felt confident before the race.  

        There is no time to rest, immediately after successful races in Switzerland we are flying to Korea. There are couple days of training on snow in Korea before the race, to adjust to slightly different snow and conditions. For me, the race itself finished very soon. After the first split I was late on one gate, couple bumps on that turn and I was out, end of the race for me.

        January was filled with races and lot of travelling. We had some time off to go home and to do some physical training afterwards. Next up are two European Cup races in Jaun, Switzerland.

        Between WC race in Schladming and EC races in Chamonix we had one day to travel. Fortunately EC races will be night races so we have some extra time to recuperate.

        World cup races in Austria, Kitzbuehel and Schladming, are the last two races before Olympic games. WC race in Kitzbuehel came after Croatian national championship in Alpine combined and SG in Kranjska gora. In KItzbuehel I raced once and in Schladming 4 times ( 3 times World cup and once World championsip).

        After home race in Zagreb we had two WC races in Switzerland ahead. It is first time I am racing both venues. We traveled day after SQT since the race in Adelboden was in just three days.

        Tradicionalnu domaću utrku Svjetskog kupa u slalomu startao sam s brojem 35. Na žalost nisam uspio dovoljno dobro skijati da bih završio među najboljih 30 poslije prve vožnje.

    Nakon utrke svjetskog kupa u Francuskom Val d´Isere-u, imamo seriju od tri utrke EC-a i utrke svjetskog kupa u Madonni di Campiglio. Odmah nakon utrke u Francuskoj, sjeli smo u auto i putovali 14 sati do Obereggena gdje imamo sljedeću utrku EC.

        After Finland we got a short break at home in Zagreb. Next up are first European Cup races this season in Fjatervallen, Sweden. We went to Sweden early and got one week of snow training before the race. We had three days of training on the race hill and the rest of the time we trained in Idre Fjall. I am satisfied with this week's training and it is important for us to get as many quality training days as possible in the beginning of the season.