My racing experience in Levi began 6 years ago. Then I started my first ever EC race. I finsihed the first run of the first race 31st. I missed 30th by 0.05 of a second and a chance to open the second run. It would have been very important to me. I would have secured some EC points and a chance to improve my start number greatly for the next EC races. Probably it would have accelerated my rank improvement. I lost then but I didn’t give up. 5 years later I am slalom overall EC champion with 4 wins and 10 podiums on EC races.

      Two years ago I got a chance to start the WC race in Levi for the first time. I finished 31st  0.03 of a second off the second run and probable WC points in slalom. Last year, I am again 31st, this time 0.01 of a second off.

       This years first run ended dramatically, with me being 30th and three skier in front just 0.02 of a second faster than me. In a race with most DNF-s in a long time and many guys qualifing for second run with high numbers it looked like I am going to be unlucky again and faith is going to test my determination once again.
         I got a chance to fight in the second run and finished 21st.

      First run hasn’t been ideal, steep part was pretty good, but the rest of the course I wasn’t on a level I wanted to be. I had a lot of room for improvement. I left everything I had on the course in the second run. I am pleased with my skiing, with my attitude. Couple mistakes cost me better result but best season opening so far.

         Fight goes on.