After short break in april to recharge batteries and do some physical preparation, on april 23rd, we started our first ski camp of the season on Molltaler gletscher in Austria.


                We began ski training with simple ski workouts. There was a lot of fresh snow and snow conditions wern't ideal for training. At this point we are training through small gates and are doing specific workouts that don't require perfect conditions.

                First few days we were taking it easy because I needed to adjust myself to the high altitude conditions (we are staying at 2800m AMSL). Common issue was intermittent fog that really impeded training.

                We had ski training 8 days in a row, which is my record on Molltaler. I am satisfied with the work done, we started skiing again, my back wasn't creating problems and this was a good start
to the preparaton period.

                Here are a few photos from the glacier :