After home race in Zagreb we had two WC races in Switzerland ahead. It is first time I am racing both venues. We traveled day after SQT since the race in Adelboden was in just three days.

        Saturday, the day before the race we trained on the race hill, after giant slalom race was over. Conditions on the race slope seemed fine despite warm weather.

        We had good weather on race day, it was pretty warm but I had no issues with it. It was first time this year that I managed to qualify for second run in. Conditions on slope were difficult, it was getting worse with every skier and I made the most out of conditions and placed 27th after first run with no one opassing me from behind. After skiing on ruined slope first run it was difficult to find the edge in the second run when I had perfect slope as I started 4th. I was slow to get in right rhythm from the begining of the second run and I could have taken riskier approach towards the finish but otherwise it was a pretty good run. After positive outcome in Adelboden we had few days to rest and couple days of training before we went to Wengen.

        Slalom race in Wengen is exactly week after the race in Adelboden. Unlike Adelboden, it was colder in Wengen and slope held perfectly for all athletes and was in my opinion one of the iciest slopes this season. My run felt fine, I was not particularly fast anywhere and did couple small mistakes and it was not fast enough for second run.

        Even though I did not qualify for the second run I feel this was a good experience for the future. Two races I debuted, once scored points (20th place in Adelboden). It has been generally a positive week for me that we ended with training on the race slope day after the race in Wengen.