We had minor back problems before the race in Kranjska Gora that forced us to take extra rest and miss some slalom trainings but what I missed in training maybe I gained in freshness. We didn’t train as much as we had hoped for but I felt confident before the race.  

        During the race I didn’t manage to push myself far enough and I didn’t find the proper run. Right after the start I made one mistake, beside that top flat part was good with solid skiing. Steep part was icier and I didn’t adjust properly, I felt uncomfortable on the skies and I didn’t ski as I wanted. I was slow on the bottom and I didn’t make it into the top 30. Now after the race I would have tried with different setup that I feel would have suited me better on the steep icy part. This is all an experience for me from which I will learn and try to come back better. We had some good races in World Cup this season, this one wasn’t successful and I still need to work more to improve.