January was filled with races and lot of travelling. We had some time off to go home and to do some physical training afterwards. Next up are two European Cup races in Jaun, Switzerland.

        We went to Jaun early so we could get some training on a race slope. After the first day of training, I caught something and got sick. Still it is positve that at least we had one day training and I got to feel the race hill. The first race day I wasn’t 100% ready and had slightly elevated temperature. In challenging conditions, it was raining, I got number 1, skied really good aggressive run and used it in the best possible way. After leading in the first run, I managed to be on very high level in the second run as well and won the race. Second day, second race, similar conditions, a lot of rain. Perhaps it wasn’t my best performance in the first run, but I skied exceptional second run and finished second. It was a close duel with Marc Rochat as we switched first positions on the second day.