After successful summer dryland camp and autumn ski camp, we are impatiently waiting for the first race. We are satisfied with the work done, I am satisfied with the way I am skiing but you don’t really know how fast you are before the first race.

            We went to Finland earlier and got two days of training on the race hill. I’ve skied on this slope before but it is always positive to get a feel for the snow, surface before the race. I felt confident on this snow and I think this two day of training helped me.

            Week before the race, race slope is closed for skiing so we went to train in Sweden, Kabdalis. This training period in the beginning of the season on icy conditions in Scandinavia is important for us, not only for the first race but for the later progress as well. We had great conditions for training in Kabdalis, it is a bit different from the snow on glaciers, it is first contact with artificial snow in this season. We did five days of training and I feel ready for the race in Levi.

            First World Cup of the season I am starting 34th. I am content with the top part of the run, it was clean skiing and I tried to be aggressive where possible. Steep part was pretty straightforward, I pushed and skied well. Unfortunately I pushed too hard on the bottom, I hit one gate, lost some speed before the flat and lost too much time. I finished 31st only 0.01s behind 29th.

            It is difficult not to be disappointed with the result, but it is more to it than that. I am satisfied with the way I skied, with my run, I could have attacked more on the flat part, on the bottom unfortunately I pushed over the edge, but that is skiing. I tried, it didn’t work, gave it all I had, looks like I am not good enough and want to improve further.